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Giles Howe, Cass Panuska, and Ashley Nunez offer vocal instruction and performance coaching.

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Acting & Drama Classes
Cass Panuska
Classes with Cass Panuska

Cass' teahing philosophy: "Approaching vocal study from a place of curiosity and play improves practice and performance, all while facilitating the learning process for concepts directly related to healthy, satisfying singing.  Singing is storytelling, and the journey of finding confidence in one’s expression through solid vocal technique (and in some cases identifying helpful technique through expression) is one of the most amazing processes there is! At one point in my own training, I participated in a singing program which completely changed my outlook on personal discovery, creativity, and and my relationship with communicating through performance.  Since then, I’ve delved into a unique process of learning with vocal pedagogues, breathing specialists, Alexander Technique teachers, dancers, and yogis in order to assimilate singing technique with exploration, full body coordination, and mind-body connection. I’ve had so many wonderful, influential teachers and mentors – as well as a musically enriching upbringing – and one of my greatest joys is continuing to learn and grow along with my students in the safe, creative environment that I’ve created at Banana Street Voice Studio. I am a member of NATS, National Association of Teachers of Singing, and look forward to continually providing performance opportunities for my students in addition to well-rounded vocal instruction."

$60 p/h

Singing & Dance
Classes with Giles Howe

Giles Howe's teaching philosophy: "I offer private tuition in voice to all levels of skill. Through a unique and personalized approach, I quickly provide my students demonstrable results and a strong sense of improvement.​​​​ I specialize in bringing repertoire to life by exploring the dramatic clues within a text to deliver a performance balancing beauty, power, and truth by developing a student's understanding of a song's topography to successfully take it off the page.​​​​ I will help you find your voice, sharpening your skills as a performer and artist: I help you find new ways to express yourself optimally; to find and deliver the truth in a song, quickly developing your craft and growing your confidence as a person.​​​ I offer lessons at a private residence in DeLand, Florida. All ages and skill-levels welcome."

$70 p/h

Giles Howe
Classes with Ashley Nunez
Ashley Nunez

Ashley's teaching philosophy:    Coming Soon

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