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Central Florida's Premiere Vocal Ensemble

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The Pinnacle Singers

Combining four distinctive and strong voices, The PINNACLE Singers bring new life into a wide selection of repertoire united by their love of beautiful music and the artistry they have dedicated themselves to developing.


After exciting international careers, they have each made Deland home. Their love for their craft offers local audiences an exciting opportunity to enjoy four world class talents, accompanied by maestro pianist Darren Bartolo and special guests.

THE PINNACLE SINGERS offer a selection of Cabaret-style shows in a variety of genres and look forward to delighting you and your friends with their music.

The Pinnacle Singers - Giles Howe, Cass Panuska, Torlef Borsting, Ashley Nunez and Darren Bartolo

Scroll down for images of our singers on stage during their performing careers: Torlef Borsting performing as Vronsky in Anna Karenina by Opera San Jose; Cass Panuska as La Contessa; Giles Howe in his award-winning debut at The Triad Theatre in Manhattan; Ashley Nunez performing in the United States; Torlef and Giles rehearsing at the piano; Darren Bartolo with the first copy of his Symphony.

Torlev Borsting live on stage
Cass Panuska
Giles Howe
Ashley Nunez
Giles Howe and Torlef Borsting in rehearsal at the piano
Darren Bartolo
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